McCormick (MKC)


Score: 9/20
MOS: -8%
Share Price: $176
Sticker Price: $163

Take a look in your pantry or cupboard and in most cases you’ll find a McCormick product. Best known for spices and seasonings. This stock has been a long term buy and hold strategy but it’s been a little flat the past year. With a sticker price of $163, this stock may trade flat into the future.

I’m an avid listener of the Motley Fool Money podcast. Within 45 minutes you’ll hear top stock picks and educational interviews. One of the hosts, Jason Moser, has always been bullish on this stock. I have a lot of respect for Jason and the other hosts but I don’t see this stock as the best investment right now. It could go sideways or it could drop based on the OVERPRICED valuation.

Maybe keep an eye on McCormick but I wouldn’t invest at this time.