About Tykr

Tykr was created to make investing more approachable and easier to understand. We believe everyone, and we truly believe everyone, should be able to understand how to build wealth on their own.

We’re taught from a young age to work for money. To trade our time for a paycheck. This is okay because it’s important to provide value to others. The problem is, we’re not taught how to flip the equation and make money work for us. By allowing money to work for you, you can build your wealth much faster and eventually enjoy more freedom in life. With more freedom, you can enjoy more time with your family and friends, enjoy your hobbies, pick up new hobbies, and retire early if you so choose. Life is short. We believe life is about living, not working.

We invite you to join us on your investing journey. Yes, investing can appear a little intimidating and risky from the outside, but we would like to think with our help, you’ll see it’s a lot easier than you think and a lot of fun!

Thank you for checking out Tykr.

Founder Highlights

Sean Tepper (Founder & CEO)

Career highlights

  • 20+ years of business experience
  • Built a small business (agency) in the 2000s and went through a merger in 2010
  • Served as a project management contractor/consultant from 2011 – 2023
  • Companies I served include GE, Kohler, Kohl’s, and Direct Supply
  • Been investing since 2011

My returns

My Returns  S&P 500 Returns 
 2016     15%  9%
 2017  16%  19%
 2018  80%  -6%
 2019  35%  28%
 2020  120%  16%
 2021   28%  26%
 2022   -60%  -19%
 2023   100%  8%

2022 doesn’t look great, right?

When you hold a focused portfolio, you have to be willing to ride your portfolio down but the key is to not sell! As Warren Buffett and Phil Town teach…

  • Rule #1: Don’t lose money
  • Rule #2: Don’t forget Rule #1

As of February of 2023, my portfolio is already up 100% because I bought stocks while they were down in 2022. This is called stockpiling. Think of stockpiling as a Jedi super power except everyone can have this power. Visit our investing onboarding to begin your Jedi training 😀.