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Ask Me Anything – Thursday, April 13th at 3pm (Chicago Time)

Ask me any questions you have on Tykr, investing, or finance.

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I’m new to investing. Is TYKR right for me?
Yes! TYKR is the best place to start. Both the Tykr platform and the webinars are highly focused on education. Our job is to make investing as approachable as we can. We’re with you every step of the way!
Is Tykr used for investing or trading?
TYKR is used for investing. Investing allows your money to work for you whereas trading you are still working for money like any other job. Investing is the strategy of buying stocks that are On Sale and allowing your money to make more money (leverage the power of compound interest). This is a safe, conservative, and passive approach. Trading on the other hand is a high-risk strategy of buying a stock or option and selling the same day (day trading) or selling within a short period of time such as 30, 60, or 90 days (swing trading).
Is Tykr a get-rich-quick program?
Absolutely not. Chris Hogan, (Strategic Business Partner of Dave Ramsey) states that “You can take responsibility, you can be intentional, you can set goals, and you can work hard, but if you don’t do these things repeatedly — year after year, then you’ll never get the results you want.” In other words, you can become a millionaire or even a multi-millionaire from stock investing but it will not happen overnight. You need to make consistent high returns in the stock market to achieve your financial goals.
What are the 4 M’s?
The 4 M’s are the MOS (Margin of Safety), Meaning, Moat, and Management. Most investors only look at the numbers when they look at a stock but investing is more than just math. In our sessions we will discuss these 4M’s in depth.