Risk Disclosure

Investment Considerations are an essential part of the Terms and Conditions that users must be aware of. All trading and investment activities involve a high level of risk, which can result in financial loss. It is important for individuals to educate themselves further on the risks and considerations associated with any investment.

Users of the Services, including Publishers, may have a personal interest in the stocks or products they discuss in the Content, which could create a bias towards promoting those investments. Additionally, relationships with broker-dealers or other third parties may introduce financial incentives or conflicts of interest that could impact the Content provided. It is the responsibility of Tykr to request that Users disclose any such conflicts, but there may be instances where these disclosures are not made, or may be incomplete or inaccurate.

Tykr is committed to providing information and taking actions to benefit Users who access the Services. However, it is important to note that all investments come with inherent risks, and actual results may differ from anticipated profits. Transaction fees and costs associated with trading and investing can impact the overall value of investments, particularly in cases of active trading. Differences in investments, trading strategies, and other factors can lead to significant losses, especially when leverage or margin trading is involved.

It is crucial for individuals to understand that past performance is not indicative of future results, and guarantees of favorable returns should be carefully examined for accuracy. Tykr does not impose specific qualifications for Users submitting Content, and Users may lack experience or knowledge in some cases. The information provided through Tykr may not always be current or accurate, and Users should take this into consideration when making investment decisions.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the Content provided by Tykr is not tailored to individual circumstances, and Users should exercise caution when interpreting such information. Licensed investment advisers and broker-dealers are regulated entities that provide personalized advice and disclosures to their customers, which may not be the case with Content provided through Tykr.

It is essential for individuals to thoroughly evaluate the risks and considerations associated with any investment before making decisions. It is recommended to seek advice from licensed professionals and rely on accurate and up-to-date information when engaging in trading and investing activities.

Registered broker-dealers and investment advisers are required to provide customers with detailed risk disclosures. Regulatory bodies such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) oversee and regulate licensed broker-dealers. Individuals can access the disciplinary history of a licensed broker-dealer through Brokercheck and gather information about registered investment advisers on the Investment Adviser Registration Depository (IARD). Additionally, state authorities also play a role in regulating broker-dealers and investment advisers.

Apart from traditional securities, investment products like commodities futures, foreign exchange products, binary options, and cryptocurrency come with unique risks and are typically considered high-risk products. These products and their providers may be subject to oversight by different government entities such as the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Association (NFA). Should you come across Content related to non-securities investments or strategies, please notify Tykr at [email protected].

Specifically with respect to Tykr’s Content that relates to investments made by certain hedge funds and any Services related to it, the information provided is hypothetical performance results that are prepared with the benefit of hindsight. Tykr’s related Services, including Content such as a Tykr portfolio, are based on past performance. A hypothetical trading record cannot completely account for the impact of financial risk in actual trading, such as the ability to withstand losses, and that and numerous other factors, such as the fact that third parties may engage in different analysis and have extensive research or other information they rely upon, and the investments have not been traded together in the manner shown, all of which can adversely affect actual trading results. Keep in mind that there are not actual allocations of specific investments to compare to the performance results from the hypothetical allocations and you should be wary of placing undue reliance on these results. These considerations apply to any User or Content providing you with hypothetical models or information that has the benefit of hindsight.

In regards to Tykr’s Content concerning investments made by certain hedge funds and associated Services, it is important to note that the information provided contains hypothetical performance results prepared with the use of hindsight. Tykr’s analysis and related Services, including Content such as a Tykr portfolio, are grounded in historical performance data. However, it is crucial to understand that a hypothetical trading record may not accurately reflect the actual financial risks involved in live trading, including the ability to manage losses. Various factors, such as differing analytical approaches by third parties and the absence of actual trading of the investments as depicted, can impact real-world trading outcomes. Therefore, it is advisable to approach hypothetical performance results with caution and avoid placing excessive reliance on them. These considerations are relevant to any User or Content provider offering hypothetical models or information based on hindsight.