How is Tykr Different?

There are 3 ways Tykr is different than any other screener on the market:

1) Open Source Calculations

We believe in transparency. If you would like, you may see our calculations and go create your own version of Tykr. Although, we hope you stay with Tykr. 🙂

2) Sean’s Portfolio is Visible

When you become a Tykr customer, you may see what stocks Sean holds along with the allocation percent. He also lets you know when he makes buying and selling decisions. This allows you to invest side-by-side with the CEO of Tykr.

3) Rigor

There are a lot of screeners out there that rely on just a few data points such as P/E Ratio, Market Cap, Volume, etc. That’s not enough information to make a wise buy or sell decision. Tykr on the other hand analyzes at over 50 data points over 5 years and determines if the stock is On Sale, Watch, or Overpriced. We do a lot more heavy lifting behind the scenes so you can make a confident decision.