Why are some stocks missing from Tykr?

In some circumstances, you may not find stocks in Tykr.

There may be two reasons why.

1) Missing data

Tykr requires at least 3 quarters of data to run a thorough analysis. The reason is, Tykr has a highly rigorous algorithm that analyzes data on the income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet. Most screeners pull less than 5 data points whereas Tykr pulls over 50.  

IPO stocks and stocks that have recently been added to an exchange fall in this category. They typically only release 1 or 2 quarters. The good news is, that once these stocks are added to our data providers, this means they will show up in Tykr very soon. You may have to wait another quarter or two.

On the subject of IPO stocks, be careful. Make sure you do your homework on the business first. This article provides more detail on the risks of IPO stocks.

2) The stock is not available with our current data providers

We currently use https://financialmodelingprep.com/ and https://eodhistoricaldata.com/ to pull stock data from countries across the globe. Although Tykr pulls most stocks, it doesn’t pull every stock. Tykr has about 30,000 stocks and there are about 100,000 stocks around the world. If most stocks from your country are not available, please email [email protected] and let us know what country you’re from and what stocks you’re looking for. Before emailing us, please filter by your country to see how many stocks are in Tykr.