How to invest during an election

How to invest during an election

When I talk to people about the stock market and the upcoming election, the most common word I hear is “fear.”

First off, relax.  Here is what we know.

This article from states that the last 19 of 23 election years (1928 – 2016) were positive years.

Typically, leading up to the election, markets are more volatile, like they have been but after the election, stocks tend to level off.  In other words, the sky isn’t falling.  The stock market most likely will not crash.

The key thing to pay attention to is this…

We do not invest in the government.  We invest in businesses.  And each and every business we invest in will have a longer life span than the next presidential term (4 years).  As investors, we invest in On Sale businesses that have a high probability of making us money over the long term.  Overall, we’re looking past the next 4 years.

In other words, while the rest of the country is freaking out I encourage you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.  Oh… and don’t forget the popcorn 🙂