5 Signs you might NOT be a good investor

5 Signs you might NOT be a good investor

Here are 5 signs you might NOT be a good investor.

1. You’re easily triggered by comments online

  1. “No successful person” takes time out of their day to troll online.
  2. Successful business leaders and investors are busy solving problems.
  3. Successful business leaders and investors are busy serving their customers.

2. You’re easily triggered by people and events in the real world

  1. Do you struggle with road rage? 
  2. Maybe a family member says something that sets you off and you let it bother you.
  3. You have that one “friend” that always gets under your skin and you let it bother you.

3. You’re a “service switcher”

  1. You’ve switched financial advisors over the years because you think new advisors can get you bigger returns. Remember, financial advisors are here to protect your wealth, not build your wealth. 
  2. You switch cell phone providers because you can save $5/month.
  3. You switch banks because you can get an extra $15 for signing up.

4. You dwell on the small stuff

  1. Small business owners who focus on the colors, photos, and non-revenue generating minutiae.
  2. Middle managers dwelling on the fonts and colors in PowerPoints.
  3. If you’re not going to worry about it in 5 years, is it worth worrying about now?

5. You avoid seeing the big picture

  1. When something is going wrong in your life, zoom out. Gain perspective on how good you have it.
  2. Do you blame other people or outside factors? Take responsibility if you want changes in your life.
  3. Don’t play the victim.

All 5 signs lead up to one word… emotions.

If you let emotions control you, you most likely won’t be good at investing.

A good investor can control their emotions.

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