Welcome to Tykr

Welcome to Tykr!

I would to like to first introduce myself. My name is Sean and I’m the founder and CEO of Tykr. On behalf of the Tykr team, I’m excited to see you take your investing to the next level. Over the duration of the next 20 days, I’ll be sending you a new tip to help you get started. After these 20 days, you will have the knowledge to:

  • Manage your own investments with confidence
  • Save money by managing your own investments
  • Match and even beat market returns

If you don’t want to wait 20 days for 20 tips, you may binge-read them right now. 😀

If you would like to have a conversation with myself or the community, I invite you to join our Facebook Group.

Thanks for checking out Tykr and I look forward to helping you on your investing journey!

If there is anything I can help you with, please email myself and my team at [email protected]

Helpful Links

Recommended books

Recommended Books

About 70% of the calculations that went into Tykr were inspired by my mentor, Phil Town.  He wrote these 2 books on investing.  Both are easy reads.