Welcome to Tykr

Welcome to Tykr!

I would to like to first introduce myself. My name is Sean and I’m the founder and CEO of Tykr. On behalf of the Tykr team, I’m excited to see you take your investing to the next level.

Next Steps

  1. Onboarding – Click here 👈 – Read through our onboarding to learn how to get up to speed with Tykr.
  2. Create your Watchlist(s) – Add stocks to your watchlist(s) so that when changes happen, you are automatically notified. The watchlist is the “set it and forget it feature.”
  3. Sign up for a Broker – Click here 👈 – If you don’t have a broker, click that link to see the most popular brokers used by Tykr customers. A broker allows you to connect your bank account so you may buy and sell stocks.
  4. Create your Portfolio – After you buy your first stock, make sure you update your portfolio. That way Tykr can keep track of your returns!

Helpful Links

  • Courses 👈 If you want to get on the fast track and increase your confidence with investing in 7 days, we recommend you check out our courses on Tykr Edu. If you’re a beginner, this is perfect for you.
  • How-to Videos 👈 Learn different features within Tykr.
  • Free Webinars 👈 If you ever want to jump on a free webinar and get to know me, ask questions about Tykr, or talk about stocks, please check out our Webinars page.
  • Tykr Calculations 👈 Yes, the calculations are open source! You may create your own version of Tykr. However, we still hope you stay with us. 😀
  • Youtube Channel 👈 Investing videos, stock reviews, and more.
  • Podcast – Top Stocks 👈 The same content that’s published on Youtube is also published on Top Stocks podcast. That way you can listen to content while driving, working out, cooking, etc.
  • Podcast – Payback Time 👈 This is an interview-style podcast where we talk about building businesses, wealth, and financial freedom.

Recommended books

About 70% of the calculations that went into Tykr were inspired by my mentor, Phil Town.  He wrote these 2 books on investing.  Both are easy reads.


If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please email [email protected].