Tip 5 How to stop missing out on great opportunities

At this point, you understand the Summary, MOS, and Score.

Before we dive into investment examples, I have a few questions for you…

What if you invested in a stock at the right time?

What if you invested in a stock before it became mainstream news?

What if you were early to the investment as opposed to late (like most investors)?

Check out these stocks and their returns since they went public. What if you were to make an investment in a stock and achieve returns like those listed below?  How would you feel?

  • ADBE – up 246,100%
  • HD – up 2,052,000%
  • JNJ – up 34,810%
  • NFLX – up 40,260%
  • NVDA – up 34,030%
  • UNH – up 249,400%
  • WMT – up 309,000%

I use Tykr to find stocks that recently changed from Overpriced to On Sale. This tells me something positive has happened to the financials and it may be a great time to invest.

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