Tip 1 How to invest your first $1,000

If you’re new to investing and not sure where to start, this tip will point you in the right direction.

Your first investment is always a little nerve-racking.  You’re about to put money in the market and watch it go up or down.  The following steps will ease your nerves and allow you to get started with confidence.


1.  Select a Broker
Before you start investing, you’ll need to setup a broker if you haven’t already. Tykr is a stock screening platform not a broker platform. A broker platform is where you’ll connect your bank account and deposit your first $1,000.

Click Here to see the list of brokers we recommend.

When you sign up for your broker, it may ask you if you want a Cash Account or Margin Account. Select Cash Account which means you’ll only invest the cash you add to the broker. Margin Account means you may borrow money from the broker similar to borrowing money from a bank (in the form of a loan). We don’t recommend borrowing money to invest, we recommend you invest your own money.

2. Setup Your Broker
When you sign up for your broker, it may ask you the “Purpose”. Some of the options may include growth, preservation of capital, income generation, hedging, active trading, and speculation. You can select any of these but the option that has the least follow-on questions is Growth. Overall, you want use your broker to grow your wealth. The primary focus is not to generate income although you can certainly withdraw cash if needed. You will also not use this account to hedge, trade, or buy speculative stocks.

3. Review this 20 Tip Investment Guide
The hard work is done! Setting up your broker is the most difficult part of the process. Now you can move onto the fun part, investing! Before you start investing, we highly suggest you read all 20 steps. This link is where you may see all 20 articles. This will teach you steps such as when to buy, when to sell, and how to reduce risk.

4.  Join Tykr for Free
When you join Tykr, you have two easy places to start. You may click on “Sean’s Portfolio”. These are the top 10 stocks the Founder & CEO of Tykr, Sean Tepper, holds in his portfolio. This is essentially the “put our money where our mouth is” feature. You may literally invest side-by-side with Sean if you want. You may also click on the Stocks page which is a list of all stocks in the platform. Keep in mind, you should look for On Sale stocks with a high Score and high MOS. In the 20 tip investment guide, we’ll dive deeper into the Score and MOS.

5. Buy Stocks
Now go back to your broker and buy the stocks you found in Tykr. When you buy a stock, your broker platform may have you choose between Market Order or Limit Order. Market Order means you’ll buy at the price shown. Limit Order means you will need to set a limit at which the stock will be purchased. We recommend Market Order as it’s much easier.

6.  Relax
If you buy a stock and the stock goes down right away, just relax!  If you reviewed these 20 Tips to Investing and bought an On Sale stock, the chances of making money on your investment is very high. You have to remember that investing requires patience.  You’re going to invest and hold for weeks, months, and in some cases, years.  Now sit back, relax, and let the power of compound interest go to work for you.


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