Tip 2 How much should you invest every month?

You may be wondering how much you should invest every month?

You shouldn’t think of the number in dollars, you should think of the number in percentages. The question is, what percent of your monthly income can you invest?

We typically recommend that you invest between 15% and 30% of your monthly income. If you can’t invest 15% yet, that’s okay.  Start with a percentage that is comfortable for you and then work your way up to 15% or more.

Get into the habit of treating your investment portfolio as an essential budgeted line item like your mortgage/rent, cell phone bill, and heating bill.

You should not invest one time and then take a step back for months or years. A lot of new investors make the mistake of investing, pausing, and waiting.

You should be investing every month! Continuous contribution is key! You’ll learn more about how to buy and weighted allocation in an upcoming tip.


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