S1E26 Jeremy Weisz Chiropractor + Podcast Marketing Firm

S1E26 – Jeremy Weisz – Chiropractor + Podcast Marketing Firm

My next guest pretty much stumbled into the career path of an entrepreneur. At a young age he witnessed his father struggle with neck pain and noticed that pain would be reduced through chiropractic treatments. He then went onto chiropractic school which lead to him establishing his own practice. The problem is, like most professions, school doesn’t teach you how to sell or generate revenue. He had to learn on his own and one of the best ways to generate revenue is by networking with strategic partners. Through the power of networking he met an individual that needed help producing a podcast. That individual just so happened to be Andrew Warner, the host of Mixergy, one of the most popular podcasts on the market. While operating his chiropractor business, he also produced Mixergy for six years. Now today he owns an agency that helps podcasters connect with strategic partners and influencers so you can generate ROI without heavy selling. Please welcome, Jeremy Weisz.

Contact Jeremy at https://rise25.com