S1E32 Harry Sanders Award Winning SEO Agency Owner

S1E32 – Harry Sanders – Award Winning SEO Agency Owner

Imagine being recruited as a high paid consultant at age 14?  This story began when my next guest witnessed his father get locked into a long term SEO contract.  Coming from a family that was already in a difficult financial position, this contract sent his family into further financial ruin. At age 14 he decided he would solve the problem himself and learn SEO.  By age 17 he was attending high school one day a week and making money hand over fist.  The problem with being really good at something with very little life experience allows emotions to easily take over.  With an inflated ego he left his employer on bad terms and spent his entire life savings on starting a new, and in his opinion, better business.  Unfortunately he didn’t think things through and ended up homeless in less than two weeks.  The rug was pulled out and he hit rock bottom.  At this point he made the decision to stay the course.  He loves SEO and he knows he can help business rank higher in search engines.  He decided to focus on providing the absolute best value he could.  Fast forward to today, at age 23 he is now a millionaire with the fastest growing SEO agency in Australia.  This is one of the most inspirational “rags to riches” stories I’ve heard in a long time.  Please welcome Harry Sanders.

Website:  https://studiohawk.com.au
LinkedIn:  Harry Sanders
Instagram:  @studiohawkseo
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