S1E36 Dan Matthews Copywriter (Facebook Ads, Landing Pages)

S1E36 – Dan Matthews – Copywriter (Facebook Ads, Landing Pages)

Sales is the lifeblood of a business but selling online is much harder than selling in person or over the phone.  When selling online you can’t read emotions, mirror behavior, or use body language to make the customer more comfortable.  Selling online is a science and even one wrong word can cause your prospects to run the other direction.  My next guest has a wide range of life experience that has allowed him to have a deeper understanding of how people think and he’s applied this experience to writing engaging copy that converts hesitant prospects into paying customers.  His specialties include Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, Sales Letters, and Email Sequences.  At the end of the interview he provides some profound wisdom on psychology and how we can change our mindset to achieve even the most impossible goals.  Please welcome Dan Matthews.

Website:  http://www.danrmatthews.com
LinkedIn:  Dan Matthews