Tykr V1 vs V2

Tykr recently launched version 2 in July of 2021.

You may have noticed the MOS, Score, and Summary information may have changed between Tykr V1 and V2.

Here is the reason why.

With V1, we used this data provider https://intrinio.com/ and pulled Annual data.

With V2, we use this data provider https://financialmodelingprep.com/ which pulls Quarterly data. Quarterly is more accurate and up-to-date. The annual data was great but the quarterly data is even better.

If one of your On Sale stocks changed to Overpriced when Tykr V2 went live, remember to relax and analyze the 4 M’s (MOS, Meaning, Moat, and Management). Overpriced stocks can certainly change back to On Sale again as this happens all the time.